Jen is a 200-hour RYT who has been teaching yoga since 2018. She lives in Corydon with her husband Nathan and two black cats named Sir Purrs A Lot (aka Spat) and Sophia. Jen worked in dentistry for over 20 years with 18 of them as a dental hygienst, and traded in her scrubs for yoga pants in 2020 when she opened the physical yoga studio. Prior to opening the studio (and still today) you could find her teaching classes all over Corydon. When she is not teaching yoga classes or working with her brother at his marketing firm you can find her outdoors seeking adventure or playing one of her many instruments. 

Jen has always loved learning and teaching. Along with her 200-hour training she has completed numerous other certifications including kids yoga, Yoga for All, FeetUp, and most recent Rage Yoga! Jen is the FIRST and ONLY certified Rage Yoga instructor in Indiana! She is currently enrolled and working towards a Level 1 Sound Healer Certification. As a lifelong learner and educator, she strives to create a welcoming environment for all students. She believes in the healing powers of yoga not only physically but more importantly emotionally and mentally. Yoga helps her manage anxiety, depression, and has greatly changed (and saved) her life and that fuels her need to share the practice with others. Jen creates a safe space for students to explore yoga, find new levels of possibility in their minds and bodies, and bring their practice off of their mats and into their lives. 
She believes that the success of yoga is not in the ability to perform postures but in the way it positively impacts the way we live our lives.  She is dedicated to helping others find the freedom and release that yoga creates. With every class that she teaches it is her goal to create a welcoming environment and teach a class that leads people safely and precisely into and out of poses. She incorporates simple alignment cues for body awareness and guided breathing to help calm the nervous system and decrease stress.   She finds that welcoming people to yoga and sharing her passion for easing the mind, body, and nervous system for a better quality of life is a calling that feeds her soul.