Class Descriptions

This easy going yoga class is for all levels and abilities (Yes! This is a beginner friendly class). It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or advanced, our instructors will teach to who’s in the room. We link our breath to movement as we flow through the asanas (poses) while balancing effort and ease. This is an excellent class to work on mobility and strength while relaxing and unwinding. Variations and yoga props will be available to help create the pose that best fits your unique body or to add an optional challenge. Come and have some laughs while increasing your flexibility, reducing stress, and strengthening your mind and body. Prior yoga experience or flexibility is NOT needed, but a sense of humor is recommended! Yoga mats and all props are available in the studio if needed.

 Power Yoga is an athletic style of vinyasa yoga that incorporates a defined series of postures, linking purposeful breath and movement. Classes are not described as beginner or advanced because the flow is designed to be adaptable to any level of physical ability. Blocks, straps, and blankets are all props which can be used for modifications or amplifications as desired. The emphasis will be on breath and alignment. Come as you are and have fun!

Switch your perspective and turn your yoga practice upside down! This is a playful all levels flow class that incorporates the FeetUp Trainer. Inversions are completely optional but is fun and safe to try even for beginners. This trainer makes inversions fun and accessible without the stress on the neck and spine, and will help build core strength. There is many awesome poses you can use this tool for while keeping your toes on the mat and we practice those too! This is an all levels and beginner friendly class.

Class is limited to 12 so be sure to register in advance to guarantee a spot in this class. If you are unable to attend please cancel your reservation on Schedulicity asap to avoid a late cancel or no show fee. FeetUp Trainer and yoga mat is provided. For safety reasons this class is not suitable for young children.

This is a combination of our all levels flow and restorative yoga. We will focus on alignment and breath as we move mindfully through different postures. Variations are offered for a more gentle practice or an added challenge. Restorative yoga uses props such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks to fully support our bodies as we completely relax and unwind. 

If you fused a yoga class with interval training this is what you’d get! Slow flow yoga to improve core strength and flexibility mixed with bodyweight or resistance band exercises to improve strength and cardiovascular health. Yoga for strength offers the three essential fitness elements: cardio, strength and flexibility all in one! This is a beginner friendly class that can be modified to fit individual needs and you control the intensity. Come and get your sweat on then enjoy the cooling lavender towel afterwards. 

This class is great for beginners or someone recovering from an injury (and cleared by their physician for exercise) or finds getting up and down to be a challenge. Even experienced yogis can learn something new in this class! We use sturdy folding chairs or our amazing FeetUp Trainers to practice seated and standing postures. Variations are given to make this class more gentle or add a challenge if desired. 

Take a dive into the light behind yoga. A place where we discuss all that is yoga, other ancient healing modalities, and eastern medicine… not so much by moving our bodies but moving our minds in epic ways. Feel free to bring a notebook for journaling and prepare to take your practice off the mat.

Join us for some flow mix with restorative postures in our flow & restore class (5-6pm) then settle in with a cup of tea and community connection right after. If you are unable to join us for class at 5 PM, you can still join us for the conversation and community connection afterwards. This is a free offering to our true yoga community and members. Donations are greatly appreciated and will go towards supporting our studio.

*Currently we have our Flow & Restore class offered. This is a combination of this restorative class and our all levels flow. You will gently move your body in the beginning of class, there might be a little work in the middle with options to keep it gentle, and we spend the last part of class completely relaxing. We do offer a restorative only class on occasion as a pop up class (see description below). 

We call this our sloth yoga class. All poses are gentle, mostly floor based, and held for longer periods of time. We will be using blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps for all the comfort and support needed. You may bring your own favorite props such as a blanket as well. Dress in cozy layers and bring socks for extra coziness. Restorative yoga is a wonderful way to soothe an overactive nervous system and allows the body rest and feel rejuvenated. We will practice some guided meditation to help ease the mind.  

*WARNING* This is NOT your typical yoga class! We play rock/metal/punk  music as we laugh, yell, and flow through asanas and some goofy made up poses. Bring your fist unicorns and be prepared to feel zen AF as we clear our throat chakras and let that sh*t go. This is NOT a child friendly class and is rated R. It is a beginner friendly flow. If you’re wanting to try a VERY different yoga class then you bring your bestie and your air guitar and let’s kick some asana and take namastes!

 Not a workshop and not a weekly class… pop up classes are sporadic and fun. These classes are not regularly scheduled (aka Pop-Up) and are included with your membership or class package. Rage Yoga, May the 4th be with you flow, YOD (Your Own Determination) are just a few of our previous popups. These will be listed on our class schedule when available. Stay up to date by joining our newsletter. 

Location varies. This is a seasonal and donation based class option. You must bring your own mat and any props (blanket, blocks, strap) that you would like to use. 

As anxiety and stress build in our systems, we become despondent about the beauty around us. We begin compromising our self-care, and we end up at the bottom of our priority lists. It’s an easy thing to do; run the rat race forgetting what truly matters. This class is designed around releasing that buildup of stress and tension and returning you to a state of joy. This is the place to leave your worries, your problems and allow healing to take place so that you can move forward in your life with more bliss. The world is a beautiful place full of wonder, and although it can be easy to forget this simple thing, joy is the key that unlocks all its magic.

This class is open to all levels of experience. We will spend a few moments loosening the body and then get into a relaxed state on our mats. Feel free to bring pillows and extra blankets. Jessica will also run healing energy to help ease any tensions and to help relax the mind as she guides you on a meditation journey from stress to joy. Classes will offer different guided mediations, some gentle yoga to move our bodies to prepare for meditation. 

This class is included in class packages, memberships, and intro offers.